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What shipping options are available?

Visit our SHIPPING section to find detailed information on rates and delivery options.


Do you include a Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes, most R3 panel purchases include a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate of authenticity serves as a formal guarantee from us to you, confirming that the item you're acquiring is genuine and of high quality. It provides information about your distinct combination of collection, design and characteristics of your panel or set.


What does the Serial Number on my certificate mean?

According to design, color and processes all of our panels are limited to a determined number of pieces which go serialized from 1 piece to a maximum of 16 (the number of pieces depends on the style or collection of the panels, some may be limited to 2 or 3 pieces). These serial numbers serve as means for enhanced identification, emphasizing the authenticity and exclusivity of each set.


What are One Limited Editions (O.L.E)?

The panels from the One Limited Edition series are those we produce for enjoyment, sometimes as experiments or on a whim, capturing a unique moment. This means that the distinctive combination of design, style, and characteristics will not be replicated for the same device, and in some cases, not for any other device either. While alternative versions may be crafted, this precise combination remains exclusive to each individual piece. 


If you're interested in a One Limited Edition version that is no longer available, please contact us to discuss the possibility of reproducing it. If feasible, it would be made in a different style or with an alternative color palette.

What are Limited Collector's Editions (L.C.E)?

The Limited Collector's Editions are exclusive limited editions that we rarely produce, typically consisting of only 1 set or, at most 3 pieces per collection, depending on their unique combinations of design, style, and features. What sets these collector’s editions apart are their luxurious finishes, including a matching T-R3X or DR3AM tip, exclusive stickers, as well as R3 battery wraps, a microfiber cloth for panel cleaning, all presented in a specially designed collector's box.


How can I get a custom panel?

Need a custom panel? Contact us via Whatsapp and let us bring your ideas to life. We specialize in tailor-made projects, precisely adapted to your needs and specifications.





If you are a distributor or have a store/business, you can access our wholesale price, or if you want to develop a fully personalized concept with your branding, contact us via:



[email protected]


We will be very happy to work with you!


In R3, we highly value creativity and diversity of perspectives. That's why we are passionate about collaborating with artists, stores, and other brands to create unique and exciting products. 


If you're interested in collaborating with us, we invite you to join our creative team to bring your vision to life. Together, we can define the concept, style, and production parameters to create something truly remarkable.


Please don't hesitate to reach out and discuss your project with us via:



[email protected]


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